Sunday, November 19, 2006

UFC 65...And It Was!!!

Wow!!! Some of the best fights we have had in one pay per view in a long time. Let me start with my personal favorite.

As I have been boasting, Brandon Vera is really the next big thing. His standup is sick, his ground game is dominant, and he is the best heavyweight in the UFC, and possibly someday, the world. MMA has not seen a true mixed martial artist of this caliber since Marco Ruas, and he is ready to shine.

What fist stands out about him is his instict and timeliness. He has that killer instinct to go and get it done when he sees the opportunity. He does not waste any chances. Against Mir, the moment Mir was dazzed, Brandon knew it was ready for the clinch. The funny part is when I see him on the ground doing the exact finishing hold taught in his classes. He trapped Mir from a side mount where he has him in a perpendicular type full nelson, forcing Mir to turn into him to do anything, once that happened, the face was exposed and the fight over. Classic Lloyd Irvin Jiu-Jitsu. I am extremely proud that he is ex-military, and chose to make San Diego his home. I can't wait to stop back by the gym before my Okinawa tour begins.

Next...Wow. GSP was right in that he had no reason to fear Hughes. He is dominant over Hughes in every part of the game. His first loss was truely a rookie mistake. It is clear that what we have seen from Hughes lately was acurate. He has no quality stand-up, and he is weak on the ground when not in the dominant position. He should have attacked that fight as Sherk did with Florian, instead he let his pride step in, pulled and Arlovski, and fought GSPs game. GSP is the second best 170lb fighter in the wotrld. I only say that because he has not faced the #1 yet...Diego Sanchez.

Yawn...The Silvia fight was the most boring...HOWEVER, I have gained an extreme respect for him. He took it to Monson wherever Monson went. He proved he is not simple one sided, he has brains and heart, and he is still deservedly champ. Like GSP, only because he has not faced the best in Brandon Vera. I am glad it was Silvia who did the calling out. That almost guarantees Brandon will have the next shot.

The rest of the fights were entertaining. Joe Daddy was alright, but has yet to convince me he can do 155 and beat Florian or Sherk.

That is the best I got this quick. I love seeing a change in the guard, and I hope it continues. The next belts go to Vera and Evans...Standby is getting GOOD!!



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