Friday, September 01, 2006

UFC 62...It's Back!

Following a very good Ultimate fight night to kick off TUF 4, the UFC had it's best PPV in a while. All around, the fights were very good. Of course, for anti-chuck fans like myself, the night ended in a letdown. Lets get started.

I AM NOT a Nick Diaz fan, and I have always given Josh Neer respect for being tuough and hangin in there, but the roles have changed. Nick Diaz looked very good. Maybe he just looked good against a mediocre fighter, but what a way to start a UFC!! He dominated the standing exchanges, owned the ground, and made Neer look bad enough to maybe stay away from a PPV card for a while. There are much better welterweights than him who deserve the spotlight, and Diaz earned his way back into it. He still have nothing on Diego! (I should have wrote an UFN review...what a fight!)

The Hermes Franca fight was one that kept me glued. I was about to kick the tv when Big John stopped the fight. I was elated when the submission came! Franca deserved that fight and was about to be robbed. The best thing that shows heart and determination, is a fighter who was given an excuse to quit, yet refuses to let outside elements influence his focus and rob him of what is rightfully his to lose. He showed great poise and will be interesting to watch!

Cheick vs Vera??? Now, everyone knows I am a huge Vera fan, and look for him to get the next title shot after Monson, but after he wins that title, a fight like that may be more of an exciting K-1 fight than a UFC fight. Congo looked very tough and very good in the standup. He did show he is suceptable to the submission, and thaqt is where Vera would prevail, IMO. Either way, another interesting fighter is n the heavyweight division.

Forrest vs. Bonnar. Though not boring, it was lame. It was less violent than the first one, but Bonnar showed he is not up to the task of hanging with the elite3 in the 205 class. He spent the majority off the time running away and taking little jabs. It would have been a much better fight to see on the ground. I think Bisping needs to fight Griffin next. Let's get the Forrests and Bonnars where they belong, on the undercard. It was an insult to Chuck, whom I hate, to call that a "co-main event."

Chuck vs. Babalu...what can I say. Why are all the fights abouve welterweight "stupid fighter vs. the champ?" I am not a fan of the 205 and up champs, because they win by idiots fighting the champs game. What possessed Sobral to train for so long, to be a top Gracie Barra fighter, and then charge chuck with his fists like a 2 year old? What type of moron is he? I think Chuck has knocked more people out backing up with the counter punch, than moving forward!! What the hell was Sobral thinking? Siome people will say he wasn't, that is why he is a fighter...ummmm...Chuck is a thinker. If these idiots insist on boxing and flailing against Chuck and Silva, they will EAT CANVAS!! Wake the hell up future contenders. Fight YOUR game, it is why you are there!!

Well, that is it, I hope to keep this up more again! See ya in the ring!



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