Thursday, July 13, 2006

USMC Grappler Fight Club

This is it! The inaugural USMC Grappler Fight Club session was today.

I have to tell you, we are blessed to be in a position where training in MMA is considered to be part of fostering the “warrior spirit.” To be in a place where our passion for fighting is encouraged and where our training is facilitated for free is just simply awesome.

I work in a place that has more Marines with upper level Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) belts than any unit I have been in before. For Marines to be at the green, brown, and black belt level in the Marine Corps, typically means they have a desire for fighting and training outside of just what the Marine Corps teaches them. So here we are, provided with the pads, the time for physical training, and the experience of a mix of people who can share their knowledge of what they grew up learning or what they are learning out in the civilian world right now. Bring that together in an environment of both physical and technical training along with mentoring and leadership and you have the USMC Grappler Fight Club!

Our vision for the future is to have better fighters proficient in both MCMAP and MMA and to foster the warrior spirit in any who desire to participate. We will do this through routine training, grappling tournaments, boxing smokers (if still allowed), and motivational cultivation.

Semper Fi and see you out there!


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