Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Brandon Vera...The Next Big Thing in the UFC?

The reasons why are simple, he doesn't miss an opportunity. Last week on TUF 3 I saw a fight where Grove had an opportunity at 2:40 into the second round to end the fight quickly with a guilitine choke, and did not even see it. I know after 7 1/2 minutes of fighting, people might tire out and miss opportunities, but this type of choke against a wrestlers attempt at a take down is BASIC. Many fighters today (and Grove could very well be making 6 figures in 1 1/2 weeks from now) are missing the basics.

Brandon Vera IS NOT!

His last fight proves that if you give him a neck, he will take it. On the UFC Unleashed I saw the fight against Fabiano Scherner where, due to his well rounded DISCIPLNE (not knowledge, there is a difference) in both standup and grappling, Brandon had the better of Scherner both standing up, and even on the ground (so it seemed) over the BJJ grappler.

I am typically not at all a fan of "Jack of all trades," but when a fighter can be disciplined in that type of sport, the way Vera is, then he will rise to the top, because not many "Jacks" can fight with his type of discipline. I would like to ask him, has it anything to do with the military background??

I believe Brandon has the ability to beat ANY fighter in the light-heavyweight or heavyweight divisions. Sylvia is too sloppy still. His size may actually hurt him against Vera. Arlovski's chin may be a factor, and Vera may actually be better on the ground. Liddell is entirely too undisciplined and a joke of a champion in my opinion. No one left to even put in Vera's class. It would be an insult to make Vera go through the likes of Bonnar or Griffen to get to Liddel. Maybe bring Pedro Rizzo back due to matching styles or a fight with Frank Mir before a heavyweight title fight. But still, why wait? He is already a contender, the UFC better standby!



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