Friday, June 30, 2006

TUF 3 Finale...Excellent!

What made this season finale the best so far?

Well, lets start off with my initial picks: (5-3)

Stout (after beating Spencer Fischer, I am a fan)
Bisping (will wear the belt someday)
Grove (going with my heart, not head. Do not put stock in this)
Jardine (Gouveia lost to Rory Singer ...nuf said)
Starnes (Abbadi completely unimpresive)
Hutcherson (Go with the grappler unless the name is Herman)
Matt Hamill (Jesse has ability, no brains)
Combs (Mike thought Hamill was good...)

Stout proved to be overwhelmed. A classic display of standup vs. Jiu Jitsu, with BJJ dominating. The Spencer Fischer fight was not a way to evaluate Stout. He had no defense on the ground. I did not see the other fights I lost...

Now to the good fights!!

First it was the underdog Grove coming to the finale focused and determined to not get beat on the ground. His excellent kickboxing skills, now mixed with a more well rounded ground game, landed him that victory. I thought the adjudication of the judges was correct, but also Ed did earn himself the right to be signed as well.
Grove truly was the most improved fighter, and the best student of the show. He went there to learn and become great. He may be on his way.
Ed showed tremendous heart. He was not well liked due to his overwhelming arrogance but lack of performance on the show. He proved that he would not be "beat." And I would say that he was not "beat," but that he lost a match that either fighter deserved. No complaints, only extreme respect to both fighters.

Michael Bisping looked to be everything I thought he was. He is for sure the best light-heavyweight from that show. Not to take away anything from Matt, but his well rounded skill, his killer instinct, and excellent conditioning led to a dominating victory. I still believe he has what it takes to go through the light heavyweight division to possibly challenge Liddell someday.

Matt Hamill looked very impressive. He is a ground and pound specialist it seems, but I like how he controls his opponents on his feet and throws repeat uppercuts into the chin. I really wonder what a fight between Hamill and Rashad Evans would look like.

I think the fighters to come out of TUF 3 are the best yet. Their actual techinical skills are far better than the winners of the past and I actually look forward to seeing them often in the UFC.



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