Sunday, July 09, 2006

UFC 61

Arlovski fought another fight where he beat himself. This is why I am a Vera fan. He is a smart fighter. He would have pursued that leg until Tim could no longer stand. Now in the next heavyweight fight, we will be forced to watch Monson vs Sylvia. Ugh. i am no longer an Arlovski fan. He was out to prove he had a chin and could outpunch Sylvia more than he wanted the belt.
He bought Sylvia's hype and actually believed a submission is the lucky win (Sylvia/Arlovski 1). Stupid fighter.

I hate Ken, but he is still KEN SHAMROCK. You do not stop that fight until he is at least injured visibly!!! I agree Tito (and I am glad) was in the process of punishing him mercilessly. But Ken deserves the respect of getting submitted or knocked silly. He was not convincingly either. Doesn't the first UFC hall of famer deserve more respect than that?
I think it was a plan to piss off Ken. Maybe he will leave for good this time. The old timers are being phased out.

Mir looked horrible. How long does it take to lose that kind of weight? Frank went from pure dominant to horribly out of shape. His problems are mental, and he needs to correct him because he is going no where in that division without better conditioning.


The third on my list of favorite 6!! He is the worlds best at 205 and will prove it. Ummm...what is Babalu wins?? Errrr...
Either way I hove Wanderlei fights in the UFC. Is it a belt match? I hope so. He may have lost in the UFC before, but he has had a lot of wins and maturing since then. Look for him to own the UFC!!!

Josh Burkman looked good. In reality, Team Punishment looks great. Did coaching actually make Tito a better man and fighter? Now that he is the one looked up to, will he take back his status in the UFC as a great? I look forward to seeing team punishment challenge Miletich for supremacy in the UFC.

Overall it was a very disappointing UFC other than the Wanderlei announcement. The fights were lackluster, the fighters not the brightest, and too many quick stoppages. I would have like to see the Joe Stevenson fight end on different terms. I had the first 2 rounds split. Joe is suceptable to a knockout. C- on the overall good fighter/entertaining scale for the night.



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