Friday, June 16, 2006

TUF 3...Good Finale

I wasn't sure what to think of the Semi-Finals. I actually thought it was silly that the 2 Semi-Finalists who had WON their previous light-heavyweight matches had to fight 2 previous losers to get to the finals. Only Bisping and Josh were left of the winners, so they should have automatically advanced...except the UFC probably HAD to put up a final episode for Spike (contracts and all). Some things about the business driving the sport can be frustrating, fortunately it worked out right.

I think Bisping is the best light-heavyweight, even had Matt stayed in the mix. That was an awesome flying knee after he had learned from his mistake and took that first shot. He has a real good chance of going far in the light-heavyweight division of the UFC. I think he will take Josh in the first or second round, but I believe it will be a good fight no matter what.

Why the hell didn't Jesse pound Josh from behind? What a waste of energy. Even had Josh gotten out eventually, damage may have been inflicted. Instead he played a purely submission game in a situation where he may have been able to beat Josh in the first round. Jesse is strong, he can wrestle, but he is not a smart fighter. He beat himself twice this season.

Ed continues to unimpress. His ground and pound is weak. Yes he gets the takedown, but he does not inflict much damamge. I still think he could get caught in a guilitine or triangle (even though his position in the opponents guard is low and tight). He really likes to push into his opponents throat and face with forearms and elbows. That could play into a GOOD grapplers hands. Rory looked confused, even though I thought over all (with strikes and actual control) he had the better of round 1. I am not sure why everyone gave Ed the first round. 185 is my best natural weight, and though I do not usually say this, I believe I could defeat any one of the remaining 4 middleweights from last night. I think this fight will be all about preparation. Grove had plenty of time to prep for Ed's style, even if it goes to the deck. I hope he did. i would like to see Kendall win. Ed is a typical wrestler in the style of Mark Coleman, he can be beat from the ground by a good tactician.

Overall I enjoyed the last episode. I think the finals will be fun to watch.

Picks: Bisping and Ed...though I want Grove to beat Ed.



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