Saturday, May 26, 2007

UFC 71: Post Fight Analysis

Starnes vs. Leben

Talk about exceeding expectations. What a very entertaining fight. I believe Kalib Starnes won all 3 rounds, rather than 2 of three. The technique of Starnes was strong and Leben showed his strong chin ability again. The only problem I saw from this fight is ANOTHER American Top Team fade. The American Top Team does not condition their fighters in cardio. I don't know how many times I have said that. I was surprised to see so many good punches land from Kalib. 2 things he did wrong were to not pass the guard (due to cardio) and never once kick good to the head. In the 3rd round especially, there were numerous opportunities to kick Leben to the head and possibly score a knockout.

I can't believe Mike called them both classy! Kalib was classy, Leben was trash. I hope that was Leben's last time in the UFC. His fighting is junk and so is his attitude.

Overall, great fight to watch.

Alexander vs. Jardine


I freakin told you so!!!

Over rated!

Terry Martin vs. Ivan Salaverry

This fight has nothing to break down. Ivan got caught up because he was thinking of only 1 move and not 2 or 3 ahead. When you do that, and focus on just the one move, your opponent can work his first, second, and third possibilities at will. Not to mention Martin had the position in the first place.

Very lame showing by Ivan, TKO Martin was deserved.

Josh Burkman vs. Karo Parysian

What an excellent fight. Karo easily wins round 1 with his throw and also landing the solid punches. Burkman looked very wild and had to clean it up. However, he did not. Burkman was outpunched, outclassed, and Karo put a clinic on him. It was annoying to watch. Burkman was gassed the entire last 2 rounds of the fight.

World class talent vs. strength in this one. Josh is not ready for this level as I thought he might be. I think Karo showed something today as well because he went for broke and did not look intimidated at all. His hands were excellent and Judo keeps him dangerous everywhere.

Complete domination by Karo. Eddie Bravo is not very good at scoring. Karo has a new fan, and then with his time he spent with the Marines in Miramar, he is a classy guy. (Diego still #1 in that division)

"Rampage" vs. "Iceman"

That was awesome. Liddell needs to show class. He was silly twice. When he went down, and then when he got him with a back swing of the elbow!

"I agree with Chuck, let's do it again." Jackson

This man was a steal by the UFC!!!

What a UFC!!


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