Saturday, May 26, 2007

UFC 71: Liddell Carries A Card

There truly is nothing spectacular about this fight card that I could see. I really only have an interest in the One fight mentioned in the title. There are a couple potential good fights, but nothing striking me of any concern. The reason is because none of the fighters on this card are in the top 5 of their weight division. Terry Martin may be the only exception but that still remains to be seen. With as many events being produced as there are this year, we eill have to expect many entertaining yet meaningless fights.

The Card:

Kalib Starnes vs. Chris Leben

This is really a "who cares" fight. Neither fighter deserves the status of UFC fighter. King of the Cage is the best they should be able to hope for with their mediocre talent and lame personalities. I think if anything, Kalib has a similar style to Jason MacDonald and should lose to Kalib, if only he wasn't the same fighter who took a kick to the ribs and gave up against Kendell Groves. I am not sure Kalib has the heart to endure a strike from Leben. So who wins?


Houston Alexander vs. Keith Jardine

Keith Jardine has succeeded in taking Forrest Griffin's position as the most overrated fighter in the UFC. There is nothing Keith has done and no one he has beaten to give him the respect he has. Forrest was overrated to begin with, so beating him was not as big a deal as so many fans who like Forrest's personality give it. This weight class is still thin for true talent capable of beating or even competing with Chuck. My Pick:

Keith...though I am cheering for Alexander!

Josh Burkman vs. Karo Parysian

This fight is more than likely the most exciting and most anticipated of the night behind only Liddell/Jackson. The firworks could come for this one. I was not at all impressed when I saw Karo's fight in Miramar. If he had quit like he wanted, and the corner had not talked him back into the fight, Karo would not have won a decision as he did. With him I am just tired of seeing a 3 round Judo match. Burkman, however, has the potential to knock Karo out, and possibly even submit him. I am very excited to see the energy behind the fight. I think Karo may be able to defend and outscore in a Judo match to get another decision, but my pick really is Burkman. he is a rising star and I expect him to take the next step. My Pick:

Burkman: TKO

Terry Martin vs. Ian Salaverry

I saw Martin in one 185lb fight and he was a monster. He appears to overwhelm his opponent and tear them up. I would like to see him fight a great fighter like Franklin, or he would be a great test against Groves to really see where he stands. I have never seen Ian so it is impossible for me to rate this fight. I just know the violence will be high simply because Terry is in it.

No Pick

Liddell vs. Jackson

This fight is EVERYTHING it is billed to be. A dominating champion fighting the one man who has beaten him and still remains unrevenged. This fight should be fire works. Everyone is expecting a real challenge for Liddell, but it could be a first round KO by either fighter. Both these men know what this fight means and have been on this stage before. Neither man will look to back down and could bring it from the beginning. What I liked from watching the Pride fight is that Chuck hit Jackson, but Jackson could take his punches. Jackson also had a better pure boxing style defense and was able to counter punch effectively, where that is usually Chucks game. i think with the fence Jackson has an even greater upper hand. he was able to get Chuck to the ground before in a ring with ropes, now what can he do when he is able to pin him against a cage? My Pick:

Jackson: TKO in 2

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