Wednesday, July 04, 2007

UFC 73 Appropriately Named "Stacked"

This is the best card I have seen this year. Not that UFC 71 didn't impress, but the fighters on that card I mostly did not care about or were not real contenders. This UFC 73 is packed with contenders. Finally some of the young talent get to put their up and coming status on the line against the named and famed belt holders and ladder dwellers. I am extremely ready for this UFC.

Heath Herring vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

This fight turned out to be the least desired of the night for me. Although I was ready to see how Nogueira would enter the octagon and see if he would live up to the Pride lovers hype, I am disappointed it is not against an Alovski or Vera. I really hope he faces one of them soon, because he should walk right thorough a boring Herring. Herring and Nogueirra in their first fight was a war, but Herring hung with him all day. Is this really a different Herring? Will Big Nog disappoint like CroCop? Herring...can this guy look aggressive again like in his Pride days?

My Pick: Nog in a walk over by Submission.

Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca - Lightweight Title

I am rather excited to see more of Sherk, and especially against Franca. It could end up being very similar to the Florian fight, however Franca is more powerful than Florian and I think Sherk may try to knock him out instead. Franca is vulnerable to the knock out due to his undisciplined yet powerful striking. This fight should be action packed. I just hope it is not another boring lay and pray showing by Sherk.

My Pick: Sherk...he is too strong and short on the ground to be submitted, and Franca too undisciplined in the standup.

Anderson Silva vs. Nathan Marquardt

This is exciting because of the superior submission talent of Marquardt and the popularity and devastating striking of Silva. What people don't know is that Silva has excellent grappling offense from his back as displayed toward Lutter, and in the Pride days. He is an underrated grappler by far. The only possible way I see marquardt winning is because the UFC can award GnP victories to fighters who were actually losing. The guard needs to be better understood by UFC judges. Marquardt will probably go to the GnP and stay on top. I hope Silva worked more on his takedown defense. It has been weak in the past.

My Pick: Silva by TKO (with mental reservation to Marquardt by decision from GnP)

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

This is not like the Forrest and Bonner main event which was B.S. but this is a legitimate non title main event. Rashad is a legitimate contender and one whom I consider in the top 3 (other than Liddell and Jackson). Rashad has far superior wrestling and stronger punches. Ortiz may have better cardio, but I really don't think so. For such a known and great fighter, I have never seen a top "great" have such an overall disadvantage as Tito does with Rashad. There is no weakness in Rashad's game that I see Tito taking advantage of, and there is no strength in Tito's game that I see Rashad being weaker in.

My Pick: Rashad by TKO


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